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  • Giant Tomato Brandywine

    Proven old timer! Prized for its incredible flavour. These unique plants--very distinct leaf shape--will produce 600g (1.5 lb) fruit easily.

    • Tomato
  • Tomato Oxheart

    Heart-shaped jumbo rosy-pink extra-meaty fruit on vigorous vines. Almost seedless. An old-time favourite for growers who love a thick-fleshed fruit.

    • Tomato
  • Potatoes Purple Viking

    What a masher and it doesn't seem to care where or how it grows! Sets and sizes up tubers quickly.

    • Potatoes
  • Giant Tomato T & T Monster

    Will always give you delicious large tomatoes. Easily reach 900g (2 lbs) -- ideal for competitions. Holds world record of over

    • Tomato
  • Tomato Bush Beefsteak

    Produces lots of 250 gm (8 oz) rich red solid fruit on a compact bushy plant. A nice slicer for

    • Tomato
  • Radish Champion

    These cherry red Radishes are large and round with a crisp and sweet flavor.

    • Radish
  • Peas Homesteader

    Long, well filled pods (8-9 Peas) withstand hot weather and are a heavy producer. An old stand-by, the most popular

    • Peas
  • Peas Edible Pod Super Sugar Snap

    Super Sugar Snap delivers the crisp, sweet flavor of Sugar Snap, but its pods are plumper. Sweet, luscious and tender

    • Peas
  • Peas Edible Pod Snow Pea Dwarf

    Tender, fleshy, edible pods with a wonderful sweet flavor. Perfect for stir-fries and salads.

    • Peas
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